Les Artisans du Champagne - Tasting: Tuesday 23th April in Reims, Château Les Crayères

This is a very interesting mix of well known (Hebrart and Vilmart) and rather unknown growers. Noteworthy I: last year there was one negoce with the group, Alfred Gratien (Epernay), who left the group. Noteworthy II: Two growers (Margaine and Hebrart) are also members of the Club Trésors de Champagne, a rather sleepy organization under the lousy regime and egomaniacal presidency of Madame Chantal Bara from Bouzy. So it's very good that they present their wines with this organization. Noteworthy III: Two new members present their wines this year: Pierre Peters from Mesnil, one of the best producers of Blanc de Blancs, and Fleury, the longtime bio-dynamic producer from Courteron. This year the event takes place at the Château Les Crayères in Reims, 23th of April from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Register here!

The participants are:

• Champagne Nicolas Maillart (Ecueil)
• Champagne Pierre Paillard (Bouzy)
• Champagne Savart (Ecueil)
• Champagne Huré (Ludes)
• Champagne Hebrart (Mareuil sur Aÿ)
• Champagne Pierre Gerbais (Celles sur Ource)
• Champagne Fleury (Courteron)
• Champagne Doyard (Vertus)
• Champagne J-L Vergnon (Le Mesnil sur Oger)
• Champagne Pierre Peters (Le Mesnil sur Oger)
• Champagne A. Margaine (Villers-Marmery)
• Champagne Vilmart (Rilly la Montagne)
• Champagne Lancleot Pienne (Cramant)
• Champagne Dehours (Mareuil-le-Port)
• Champagne Gonet Médeville (Bisseuil)

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