Les Artisans du Champagne - Tasting: Tuesday 17th April in Reims

This is a very interesting mix of well known (Hebrart and Vilmart) and rather unknown growers. Noteworthy I: One negoce is with the group, of course Alfred Gratien (Epernay), who presents sophisticated wines fermented in oak barrels. Noteworthy II: Two growers (Margaine and Hebrart) are also members of the Club Trésors de Champagne, a rather sleepy organization under the lousy regime and egomaniacal presidency of Madame Chantal Bara from Bouzy. So it's very good that they present their wines with this organization.

The participants are:
• Champagne Nicolas Maillart (Ecueil)
• Champagne Pierre Paillard (Bouzy)
• Champagne Savart (Ecueil)
• Champagne Huré (Ludes)
• Champagne Hebrart (Mareuil sur Aÿ)
• Champagne Pierre Gerbais (Celles sur Ource)
• Champagne Doyard (Vertus)
• Champagne J-L Vergnon (Le Mesnil sur Oger)
• Champagne Alfred Gratien (Epernay)
• Champagne A. Margaine (Villers-Marmery)
• Champagne Vilmart (Rilly la Montagne)
• Champagne Lancleot Pienne (Cramant)
• Champagne Dehours (Mareuil-le-Port)
• Champagne Gonet Médeville (Bisseuil)

Where: Salle des RÉGATES RÉMOISES (Reims Rowing Club), 2 rue Clovis Chézel
51100 REIMS, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

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