Juli 2011, Paris, at the Jules Verne: Mathieu Kauffmann, Chef de Cave Champagne Bollinger, presented twelve R.D.'s and our old friend Epicurus was smiling:

The journey through half a century of récemment dégorgé startet with the vintage 1997 and ended with 1952. Very astonishing the freshnesh of the 1966, 1961 and 1959. Reason enough to discuss with Mathieu the old Epicurus question, which grape variety is more fascinating when it comes to aging in Champagne: Pinot noir or Chardonnay. Find out in the new upcoming book on Champagne by Christian Göldenboog. R.D, is the same blend then the Grand Année, usually 65 percent Pinot Noir and 35 percent Chardonnay, but the wine spends more years on the lees and has less dosage.

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