With Bolly Bollinger in Palatine

Currently the hot spot for Bolly Bollinger is in Palantine is the restaurant Freundstück at the hotel Ketschauer Hof in Deidesheim. Bolly is the house champagne - perfect for an aperitif to buy time for browsing the immense wine list - here you got very good Rieslings under 30 €. The other remarkable thing is the star cuisine of Jens Fischer, a native of Thuringia, who knows that the path to the realm of pleasure cannot only be paved with truffles, lobster and shrimps. Here Fischer served also cod, pike-perch or pork belly - in a light Mediterranean way. Given that Palatine is a vegetable paradise, you have on the menu not only asparagus but also cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and beetroot as spicy additions on the plate. Read more on Fisher and his culinary thoughts in German in the column "Flasche leer" - means the bottle is empty.

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